Roof and Chimney Repairs Halifax, Yorkshire

New Roofing in Yorkshire

Roof and Chimney Repairs Halifax, Yorkshire

H.b.m Builders are roofers in Halifax, all aspects of roofing work undertaken, from rebuilding chimneys to new roof installs and the smaller jobs too. We cover all the Yorkshire Counties.


H.b.m Builders have it covered!

For roof repairs Halifax and the surrounding areas, our roofers cover it all. From small roof repairs such as tile and slate replacements to ridge replacements, flat roofing and full scale re-roofs!

We also repair and replace fascias, soffits, guttering, do chimney repairs and rebuilds, chimney capping and vent repairs, lead flashing, pointing and more. If you’re looking for Halifax roofers with the skills and the tools to do the job properly you can give us a call 07817 327 789


Roof Repairs and Re-Roofs

As professional builders and roofers we like to start any job with an inspection of the area the work is to be carried out, this allows us to best decide on the course of action needing taken. There may be cases where a roof repair will not suffice and a whole re-roof required, or it might be that what you thought would be a larger job is a relatively smaller job than anticipated.

For smaller jobs such as felting on a flat roof and slate replacements we can match almost any type and ensure your roof is water proof again. For the larger jobs that may require replacements of beams, rafters, trusses and joists as well as slates or tiles and stones this will obviously mean more work and we have all of the skills and expertise required!



Roof Restoration

You can have your roof restored to it’s original state and have us make some improvements too! We will use what slates, tiles or stones you have that are in a good enough condition and make up the rest with matches we can source. Where needed you can also have new roof trusses fitted, waterproofing and lead flashing. We can do so much more on top of all that, from pointing to lightning protection, so for any roof restoration work you can give H.b.m. Builders a shout!


roof restoration in Halifax



Roof Stonework

Not just slates and tiles, H.b.m Builders also work with many types of stones on areas such as roof gable ends. Many older buildings can be weather beaten and damaged over time making the unsafe. This can be very dangerous as falling masonry can do a great deal more damage than a falling slate.

If you suspect you may have any damaged or loose stone on your roof call us immediately!


stone replaced on roof



Roof Fascia, Soffits and Ridges

The gable ends and ridges of a roof can also be worn overtime by the weather, wooden soffits can begin to rot and fall apart and become a hazard, fascias may also get damaged and we can repair or replace these too. There’s a wide range of fascias and soffits available so allow us to assist you in choosing, we can source these at trade prices from our trusted builders suppliers. For roof ridges, we can replace damaged parts of tile, slate and stone and also do the lead flashing. If there’s anything you’re not sure about just ask us, we can go over all your options with you in detail.


Roof Repairs in Halifax Soffits and Fascias



Roof Guttering Repairs and Replacements

If you’re suffering from a leaky gutter it could be the sign of unseen damage! As with all aspects of a roof, no chances should be taken and to keep you, others and your roof safe have professional builders inspect it for you, give us a call. Both wooden and plastic guttering can be repaired or replaced, and we have lots of experience in this kind of work. Leaking gutter joints can be sealed, broken holding brackets can be replaced, fall pipes can be replaced and we also offer a one off gutter cleaning service.


gutter repair in yorkshire



Chimney Repairs, Rebuilds and Removals

If you have an ageing chimney it poses a safety risk and should be properly maintained. H.B.m Builders can do all sorts of chimney repairs, including lead flashing, pointing and replacement of bricks. We can also cap your chimney, remove the chimney pot(s) or even remove the chimney completely. We’re able to match hundreds of types of bricks and as well as offering new chimney builds we you can also have any existing fireplace restored, you can see more about the work we do on fireplaces on our Walls and Brickwork page.


chimney repair build in halifax



Roof Ridge Tiles Fixed with Mortar or Mechanically Fixed

Ridge tiles protect the ridges of a roof and play an important part in waterproofing and protecting the roof structure. At H.b.m Builders we can perform various repairs on existing ridges or build them new. Roof ridge tiles are most commonly fixed using sand and cement mortar but can also be fixed mechanically in what is known as a dry ridge system. The dry ridge systems are generally clamps attached between the joints of the ridge tiles that are then clamped onto fittings attached to the roof. If you would like more advice on the two different processes of fixing ridges, types of tiles available and an esitmate please get in touch.


Roof Ridges Repaired in Halifax



Large Re-Roofs / New Roof Building

There’s a lot of work involved when building a new roof. First of all there is the old, existing roof to be addressed. Before the existing roof can be removed there is the protection of the property and scaffolding to think about. Once the scaffolding and protection are in place the old roof has to be removed safely and a good solid foundation for the new roof established. We use only quality high materials and carry out re-roof work fast and efficiently while keeping to high safety standards, with as minimum disruption as possible.


Re-Roof job in Huddersfield



Free Roofing Estimates from a Qualified Builder

With H.b.m Builders you’re hiring City & Guilds Qualified tradesmen with 15 years of experience in all aspects of roofing work and holders of a CSCS Card. If you require any kind of work on a roof, that you either don’t see mentioned here or simply want more information just get in touch.