Walls and Brickwork Halifax, Yorkshire

Bricklayers in halifax work

Walls and Brickwork Halifax, Yorkshire

It’s not just walls we do, lots more stone and brickwork can be undertaken by H.b.m Builders. We’re based in Halifax and cover all of Yorkshire.


Qualified Builders You Can Depend On

As a construction company, bricklaying and other brickwork such as pointing is a huge part of the work we do. For new builds and all kinds of repairs we do everything from the initial planning to the finishing touches. It doesn’t matter what size of area or what materials are to be used, you can rely on us to get the job done to a high standard. When hiring H.b.m Builders you’re hiring bricklayers that are City & Guilds Qualified and holders of CSCS Cards. We have many happy customers and look forward to you becoming one too.


Years of Experience in Brickwork

At H.b.m Builders we are fully qualified in all aspects of brickwork and that extends to a lot more than just cementing bricks into walls and pointing. You can have your fireplace refurbished and given a new life, have us brick up space from a removed door or window, have drains repaired or rebuilt and a whole lot more. We also do a lot of work with stone and can match hundreds of types of bricks and stones.



Wall Construction and Repairs

For repairs, before any work is carried out we shall survey any damage and give you our advice. For new builds we are keen to hear your ideas as well as offer any we may have. You will benefit from our years of experience in stone and brickwork!

We work with all kinds of walls, from small ornamental garden walls to larger retaining garden walls, from exterior walls to internal load bearing walls and supported walls. We can also do all kinds of dividing and partition walls and have an abundance of materials to choose from , using trusted, reliable and economical suppliers!


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Exterior Wall Door and Window Removals

We can safely remove any size of door or window from any size of wall, you can then choose to have the wall exterior finished in roughcast, pebble dashing or any other type of finish to either match the one existing or to go for a whole new look. Of course, there will be cases where the wall exterior has exposed brick or stone work and in these instances we can usually match it from hundreds of different types of bricks and stones!


window bricked up in halifax



Small Brick and Stone Wall Repairs

We’re available for the small jobs too, some of which can lead to further problems and a lot more work in the future if not addressed now. You can have us come out to assess the area and give our expert opinion. The damage could run deeper than what is visible and the area potentially unsafe. We offer free advice as well as free estimates so if in any doubt just give us a shout, we’re always happy to help!


stone wall repair halifax



Brickwork for Fireplaces

Are you sitting with a bricked up and unused fireplace while experiencing high fuel costs? Gone are the days when the coal man would be passing, so why not have that fireplace refurbished and ready to take a gas or wood burner stove? More and more people are turning to this as a cheaper way to heat the room and house and to also add some ambience. We can do all the work required, from grate building to fireplace and stove fitting, you can supply your own to be fitted or have us supply too. If your chimney also needs work done on it we do that too, more info on our Roofing page.


brick fireplace built in halifax



Wall Demolitions and Removals

Of course, before you go having some new walls and other stone and brick features built there may be old walls and features to be removed first! You can rely on us to take care of all of that efficiently while keeping the mess and disruption to a minimum. Once all of the brick or stone work has been taken down we’ll also take it all away to dispose of it and clean up any mess left behind.


brick building demolished in halifax


Stone Window Sills and Lintels

Over the years you may find your window sills and / or lintel need replacing. We have years of experience working with quality stone window sills and lintels, fitting them to a very professional standard. There are many buildings, old and new, that have never had stone lintels fitted above the windows and doors, we can fit them for you. Where there are no existing window sills or lintels to replace we can source many types of stone and find types that go well with your existing brick and stone work.


Fitted Lintel in Brighouse Huddersfield


Repointing of Brickwork

The external area of mortar joints, known as the pointing, may decay or crumble due to the weather, age and quality of it at the time of construction. Decaying pointing can let in water and dampness so should be attended to before it gets the chance to cause inside damage. As bricklayers we can repoint any size of property and can erect scaffolding where needed.


Brick Pointing Work in Copley Halifax



Free Estimates For Walls and Other Brickwork

As well as free estimates we also offer free consultations for any work you have needing done. You will have all the options available to you with no hidden costs in our estimates. We are known for our competitive prices, and can often estimate less without the standard of work or quality of materials being less!



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